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Mark Schoofs’ visionary work in energy mastery, healing & higher consciousness has helped guide thousands on the path of transformation for 29 years.

His passion for “Soul Freedom, Sacred Aliveness” flows from a deep intuitive knowledge of the subtle energetics of transformation and builds, in his workshops and healing sessions, a powerful momentum of spiritual awakening.

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I’ve never experienced as big a healing shift as happened from working with Mark Schoofs,”

says Susan Zook, office manager at Unity Church of Peace, South Bend IN. “After lots of self-help
books, workshops, support groups, therapy, being a Unity student for 15 years, Mark’s workshop
and healing session have been an amazing watershed for me–I feel I’ve taken a great leap forward.”
“I have worked with many healers and energy workers.
Sessions with Mark Schoofs have been the most powerful
I have experienced so far.
His abilty to hold space into which Spirit can flow is powerful and effective.
One session cleared a pain that had been giving me problems for many years
–and the pain has not returned since!” -Karen Mancinelli, Sebastopol CA


Mark’s new book …

Soul Freedom, Sacred Aliveness:
An Extraordinary Guide To Coming Unconditionally Alive


Order your signed copy for $14.95 …


“This is a wise and wonderful book, glowing with fresh insight, soulful love, and powerful new pathways of transformational experience. Mark Schoofs timely message illumines what it really means to be an awakening soul coming alive in the ways of the infinite Spirit.”

Soul Freedom, Sacred Aliveness touched me deeply, coming to me in an impeccably divine timing. I came away breathing in a state of “being” in calm peace and love and breathing out a state of “acting” in confident, passionate peace and love–Sacred Aliveness. Understanding, experiencing as never before, what it means to hold a place in my heart for a meeting of heaven and earth.” – Peg Campbell, Lakeland FL

“Soul awakening and planetary transformation are creating a cogent new paradigm for evolving humanity, a paradigm of coming unconditionally alive in the sacred, universal aliveness of the living Spirit. As we come alive in Spirit we awaken to our true spiritual resources and
to the soul’s adventure of learning how to incarnate our spiritual gifts into
our human lives with true maturity and soul awareness. This has never been more
important, as the heightened times we live in demand unprecedented
resourcefulness, healing, and creative power to birth the new paradigm
successfully.” -Mark Schoofs

Phone: 800-223-0393

Email: freemark1@juno.com

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