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Mark Schoofs Mark Schoofs

Mark Schoofs’ visionary work in soul fitness, healing, and higher consciousness has helped guide thousands on the path of transformation internationally for over 20 years. His passion for “Soul Freedom, Sacred Aliveness” flows from a deep intuitive knowledge of the subtle energetics of transformation and builds, in his workshops and healing sessions, a powerful momentum of spiritual awakening.

Mark’s first book, Soul Freedom, Sacred Aliveness: An Extraordinary Guide to Coming Unconditionally Alive, published by SoulWorks Publishing in affiliation with Lightning Source International, an Ingram Book company, has been received with enthusiastic reviews by readers worldwide.

Mark has presented workshops in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Detroit, Atlanta, Washington D.C., Tampa, Orlando, Baltimore, Dallas, Houston, Minneapolis, Denver, Phoenix, Tucson, San Diego, San Jose, Seattle, Vancouver and many other cities nationwide.


Mark has been a featured presenter at

  • East West Living in New York
  • The Agape Center of Religious Science in Los Angeles
  • The Church of Today in Detroit
  • The Universal Lightworkers Conference in Seattle
  • Transitions Bookplace & Learning Center in Chicago
  • The Oasis Center in Chicago
  • Unity Churches in Dallas, Atlanta, Memphis, Chicago, Minneapolis, St Petersburg, Coos Bay OR, Kalamazoo MI, Fairfax VA, Fox Valley IL, Rockford IL, Fort Wayne IN as well as numerous other New Thought churches.
  • Whole Life Expos in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, Denver, Seattle, Atlanta and Baltimore.

Mark’s healing and counseling practice, done largely by telephone, commands an international client base and transformational results that flow especially from restoring the individual to their own spiritual vitality, soul vision, and an authentic re-empowerment based on energy clearing.

Mark’s popular meditation CD’s/tapes and workshop highlight CD’s/tapes have sold in the thousands, inspiring listeners to develop such themes as “Practical Soul Fitness: Managing Your Spiritual Resources in a Changing World,” “Embracing the Sacred Feminine,” and “Grounding & Presence: Incarnating the Spirit.”


“I believe there is currently no better experiential teacher, healer and workshop leader in the country than Mark Schoofs.”
-Cran Caterer, Board of Trustees, Unity Church North, Minneapolis-St.Paul

“Mark’s healing work has been an extraordinarily powerful catalyst for change for many people I know, including many healing professionals including myself. It’s a blessing that he’s sharing his gifts and techniques.”
-Katherine Gregg, former director, Oasis Center for Mind, Body & Spirit, Chicago

“I have spent time with many of the most prominent spiritual teachers of our times—and I find that Mark Schoofs works at a level of creative brilliance that is rare. As he speaks in his calm and gentle way, I feel transformational energy waves in my aura as his thoughts expand my own, opening my heart and bringing me to a place of profound peace.”
-John T. Houseman, author of Enlightenment Is

“Mark teaches healing the way he practices it–with soulful humility, elegance, and wisdom.  He’s a healer’s healer, a teacher’s teacher, a true way shower.”
-Danae Shanti, “Spirit TV” host & spiritual coach

“During four years as studio engineer for “Radio 2000” and “Seeing Beyond” I’ve experienced hundreds of guest speakers, teachers, healers, etc. Mark Schoofs stands out. His gifts are obviously powerful, though his manner is gentle and noninvasive. My sense is that Mark has the ability to hold the higher energies and allow the individual to bring about his/her own transformation. I am very sensitive to energy and I experience a warmth and glow in Mark’s presence that permeates the studio as well as my own being as Mark brings in higher healing energies.”
-Cindy Odom, studio engineer, “Radio 2000” & “Seeing Beyond Radio”

“I’ve studied with some of the top healers and teachers in America, and Mark Schoofs ranks right up there with them.  He is a brilliant teacher and masterful healer working at the top of his form. Catch his workshops!”
-Nancy Ging, LCSW, Chicago

Some reviews of Mark’s recent workshops . . .

“Soul nurturing! The sharing of light and love in the group, the depth of spiritual energies we reach, reminds me on a deep level how truly loved and limitless we are. My soul dances, my heart smiles, my consciousness transforms. I come out of Mark’s workshops freer and more courageous to love all.”
-Nancy Krane

“Even the shyest parts of my soul couldn’t resist the truly grounded, mature spirituality that emerges during Mark Schoofs’ workshops. This gifted teacher makes “love and light” a real experience.”
-Michelle Butler

“A reading with Mark means a new beginning, a profound new connection with Spirit. Of all the healers I’ve seen, Mark has a refined ability to reach into the deepest core of an issue and access guidance from the highest levels from which authentic healing can begin.”
-Mary Crowell

Soul Freedom, Sacred Aliveness
–and Mt Shasta, Where It All Began

Imagine that you are moving in a plane of living energy that is exquisitely nurturing, divinely alive.  Imagine you are moving and breathing in an ambient energy world of living joy, conscious joy that resonates of a universal divine aliveness.

This is how spending time on Mt Shasta always feels to me.  It’s a place where your soul can remember that we live in a sacred energy world as awakening energy beings  All things come alive . . . and reveal the source of their life, the infinite Spirit.  When you spend time on Mt Shasta your mind and heart seem to entrain to this—and the soul really opens. You sit in the mountain meadow . . . the breeze, the sunlight, the crows and the hummingbirds, the dragonflies and the wildflowers, all speak to your soul of a sacred divine presence.

Workshopping on the mountain makes it even richer. It’s simply unforgettable to spend time in a group where each pair of eyes gifts you with soul light. Ever since I first began leading workshops at this majestic energy vortex in 1989, many of the most spiritually galvanizing moments in my soul’s journey have taken place there.

Perhaps the most meaningful of all took place in September of 1998. I had just completed a year of gut-wrenching life-changes. A major heartbreak, a major illness, two major re-location moves that did not work out happily, and the passing of my mother had highlighted the previous twelve months. Each life-change had taken me deeper into personal crisis feelings. The upside was that, by then, I was developing a fairly functional sense of how soul perspective is supposed to work in life–that we’re here on a soul mission to demonstrate how inner divine love can transform all experience into a joyous, unconditional state of peace–and I knew I was being called upon to practice this. So I was focusing ever more intensely on freeing myself of the turbulent effects of outer circumstances by learning to live in the inner realm of soul. The more I let go of personal ego investment in having my life “work out” the way I thought I wanted it to, the more my awareness shifted into a nonegoic or soul-ful plane.

In September of ’98 when turbulent circumstances reached a peak I went to Mt Shasta for a week of retreat.  I took a room with a view of the mountain at a little retreat house. I was the only one there, the summer season was over, a fall chill was in the air.

I laid in my room, rested in my soul, and let go.

Then the vortex opened up to me. The whole area came alive with the most profound energy currents I had ever felt. My awareness commingled with the energies as they swirled through me and I was swept into a heightened state of soul arousal.

When the soul is quickened enough it starts to vibrate and humm on the plane of destiny. It lifts its perspective to such heightened levels of meaning and purpose that true, divine destiny, with all its exalted blessing, comes alive.

I spent the next several days awash in this. I saw that we are meant to live in a state of utter and complete soul grace. That each of us, as souls made whole by our journey, is meant to stand in a state of utter and complete soul freedom. And in this state we shall participate, consciously, soulfully, in the universal sacred aliveness that is by its nature pure ecstasy.

This destiny felt more real to me than anything else going on in my life–and truly it was. The vision of Soul Freedom, Sacred Aliveness was imprinted at the core of me, and it is what I now carry. Even as it carries me. It defines and sustains all of my work. It fills my soul with inexpressible feelings of joy, inspiration, and ultimate completion.

What is exciting to me now, in 2002, is the timetable. The vision of Soul Freedom, Sacred Aliveness, in 1998, felt very imminent. My knowing was that this higher destiny was meant to ripen soon, and that the human family could open into it shortly after the millenium shift. Four years have gone by, and the millenium shift too. Each year a new group of awakening souls gathers at Mt. Shasta with me and each year we explore Soul Freedom, Sacred Aliveness more deeply. The momentum is building. Something very powerful is happening on this planet. I have always felt, since September of ’98, that spending time in the sacred energy mix of Mt. Shasta is like looking through a window into our higher destiny. The real shift now, good for all times, is simply to realize that we can carry the perfect sacred energy mix in our heart.

Let us look through that window now. Our destiny calls us.

~Mark Schoofs


“On the Path”

(reprinted from Common Ground, San Francisco Bay Area)

I started growing up spiritually in the mid 1980s, when my inner life erupted into a time of intense vibrational lifting and direct communion with inner guides, who lovingly coached and awakened my own indwelling Higher Presence to know that it embodies the same elevated love and wisdom the guides represent. The energy blessings I felt in those days, especially from St. Germain, were spiritually galvanizing.

I was regularly lifted into the frequency range I learned to identify as the mystical Christ consciousness, in which spiritual love, felt in its purity, inspires and empowers a sense of total life transformation through service and love.

And did my life transform! To keep integrating the higher energies I had to commit to rigorous physical exercise.

I became much more fit and physically/energetically toned. Soon I was selling my business in the midwest and moving to the west coast. I wasn’t even sure what I would do there. In retrospect I see it was time to discover my true life work.

I had a little training in kinesiology, muscle testing, and whole brain integration. I found myself giving workshops and sessions in this for awhile. Over time I noticed I needed muscle testing less and less to get clear information from a student’s inner being. The information just flowed to me, directly in consciousness. I think I was getting so grounded in the inner Christ consciousness, which is impeccably respectful and compassionate, that a corresponding level of the student’s consciousness was responding to me and showing me what was really going on with the student.

All this was accelerated by my move to Mt. Shasta in 1990. What a power spot! My sensitivity to nonphysical energies grew exponentially there. My real apprenticeship in mastery training happened there. I became a self-taught healer working intensively on myself. I learned that, beyond all the healing techniques, it’s the well-tested purity, fidelity, and resourcefulness of our spiritual love that can transform all.

I teach that now. I was “discovered” as a healer and teacher in the early 1990s and started travelling nationwide.

My life work seems to be to “jump start” people into more conscious expression of their own spiritual presence. For individuals and groups, I seem to be able to pick up the next steps of growth that are ripening for them on higher planes, and to facilitate the timely and appropriate descent of these steps of growth into their conscious awareness. This can take any form. I never plan or impose.

I get recruited most frequently, these days, to help people awaken and discern their higher dimensional chakras,  above the head, and the consciousness and energy blessings of each–especially soul consciousness, Christ consciousness, and “I AM” consciousness.

This seems to be thresholding us, in turn, into authentic multi-dimensionally conscious living–especially, for our times now, soul-conscious living, in which soul peace and its complement, soul passion, can hold us in sufficient lucid balance for our true soul purpose to express. I trust that mine is.

-Mark Schoofs

800 223-0393

Copyright © Mark Schoofs

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