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Soul Freedom, Sacred Aliveness:

An Extraordinary Guide to Coming Unconditionally Alive

(SoulWorks Publishing)
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Excerpt from the author’s introduction:

“Once we reach this threshold of total lucid insight that we can come alive unconditionally by simply letting Spirit live fully in us, as us, then we see that we are already free to move through the threshold. In fact we have always been free to move through this threshold! That is the extraordinary thing about it. We are already free to be unconditionally alive in the sacred aliveness of the One, of the living Spirit. This pure and utter freedom of the soul is so pivotal to our awakening, as it opens us into truly unconditional realms of spiritual happiness, power, wisdom, and most of all love.”

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CD’s – Recorded Live at Workshops Nationwide

Soul Freedom, Sacred Aliveness
Soul awakening and planetary transformation are advancing hand in hand in our times, building a cogent new paradigm for evolving humanity:
we are sacred, multi-dimensional beings exploring transformational energies with a divine commission to co-create a sacred world.
We are powerfully drawn to the conscious experience of the divine soul,
the sacred, true Self within and to live in conscious soul freedom. From here we can explore the transformational energy events,
thresholds, and outcomes of the soul’s journey to wholeness.
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Opening to Mastery, Opening to Miracles
Immerse yourself in the freeing wisdom and power of the master within,
that calls you to surrender your egoic agendas and to experience
unconditional trust, renewal, pure happiness, and all the possibilities
of life in spiritual freedom.

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Practical Soul Fitness:
Managing Your Spiritual Resources in a Changing World
Practical self-healing meditation skills. Energy sensitivity, energy healing, & spiritual self-care. Rejuvenating body-mind-soul–a New Paradigm of coming unconditionally alive
in the sacred, universal aliveness of the living Spirit.

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Divine Mother: Embracing the Sacred Feminine
The masculine principle of the infinite living Spirit expresses divinity while the feminine principle of Spirit embodies divinity, and nurtures all manifest forms to their highest state of awakened divine potentials. Tune in to the incomparable passion of the Sacred Feminine, and to Her exquisite healing love.
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Grounding & Presence: Incarnating the Spirit
Learn to ground deeply to the healing energies of the Earth, to let go,
and to live in freedom. Use conscious grounding to become powerfully

centered in the abiding presence and peace of the living Spirit.
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Heightened Energy for the Body and Brain
Use these guided meditations and exercises, adapted from Tantra, to quicken the sacred aliveness in your nervous system, your chakras, and your brain.
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Awakening the Christ Consciousness
Christ consciousness is known by many names in all spiritual traditions and beckons awakening souls to this mystical plane of self-mastery, perfect love, miracles, and joyous, egoless freedom.
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I’ve been meditating for about 20 years and held meditation groups in my home everywhere I’ve lived–but I’m taken places I’ve never been before, in consciousness, with Mark’s deeply healing meditations. They lift me higher than anything else I’ve ever experienced.” -H.B.


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