Healing & Readings

“Timely steps in learning to source and unfold your life, consciously, from the Higher Presence within you.”

Attuning to the Light and Love of your innermost Being reminds and re-educates your body, your mind, and your heart to be in the healing flow of indwelling divine life. Experience the lifting and clearing of emotional blocks and hurts, the renewal of your body and subtle-body energies, the quickening of your highest truth.

Each healing session unfolds from the guidance of your Higher Presence. Some common areas of healing are–

  • Clearing the underlying causes of life challenges in health, work, relationships, emotions, etc.
  • Awakening soul consciousness, passion and purpose.  Learning to own your divine endowment of light, love, power, wisdom, beauty, goodness and wholeness.  Learning to become the person who no longer attracts challenges to your ability to manifest your highest good.
  • Aura and chakra clearing, psychic integrity, past lives, soul retrieval, past and future timeline intervention, soul history.
  • Spiritual invigoration, renewal of life-force.
  • Conflict resolution, guidance, soul perspective, soul wisdom.
  • Prayer therapy and superconscious communication.
  • Grace, forgiveness, emotional completion.
  • Awakening the multi-dimensional Higher Self and its connections to the spiritual planes.

At the start of your session you can tell me all about your issues, challenges, concerns, etc., your sense of what it is you would like to focus some healing attention on. Then I do an invocation to draw in a working attunement to the ongoing activity of Spirit, which of course is always generating fresh energies to support our awakening and our growth. As I gain attunement, Spirit shows me what needs to be understood about the issues, etc., usually in terms of the underlying energetic causes as well as energetic complications and consequences.

 As I see clearly what’s really going on, it yields. Spirit mobilizes healing energies that move through the issue/block/etc. to shift it into next stages of resolution and healing. As the old patterns release, they are replaced with new frequencies of light and blessing from Spirit/Higher Self/spirit guides as appropriate to seed you with the direct energies–not just words, but real energies–of new stages of growth and awakening for you to start moving into.

I coach you on these new stages of growth, letting the words flow from the energy. Clients often tell me that when they replay the recording  of the session, they revisit the energy, such that the energy builds greater momentum for them. In any case the energy will tend to have its own momentum, which does carry over time and continue to create positive results. Results vary according to your readiness. Miracle cures, huge transformational breakthroughs, etc., certainly do happen.

Healing sessions are available by phone … or in person … and are recorded for you. Digital recordings can be downloaded to your own computer within a few minutes after your session is complete.

Phone: 800-223-0393

Email: freemark1@juno.com

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Geri Saas September 26, 2009 at 8:38 pm

your readings sound very intreguing I would like to know what one cost so I can set money aside and still pay my bills

Mark September 27, 2009 at 12:02 pm

Hi Geri
Suggested offering for a personal reading and healing is sliding scale $110-$220 (your discretion, anywhere on that scale that feels right to you.) Your offering is tax deductible as a donation to a spiritual ministry.

Suzy Doob June 22, 2012 at 10:49 am

I’m so glad you are coming to NY again. My readings with you shed so much light onto my journey.

Susan April 26, 2016 at 1:57 pm

Hi I just ordered your book, I don’t know why? 🙏😊
But I loved the name of it!!
And feel there must be a reason !!
Much love
Susan Joy!!😊🌟🌟💗

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