“Mark Schoofs brings to his work a uniquely soulful grace, inspiration, and genius that produce remarkable results and distinguish him, I believe, as a truly extraordinary spiritual teacher and healer of our times.”
-Lydia S. Craigmyle, Ph.D., pioneering mind-body psychospiritual therapist and senior trainer, New York City.

“My role in workshops is to tune in to the energy of your next steps as they ‘ripen’ in higher planes . . . so a little more consciousness comes into the equation–then the energy really flows and the next stages of spiritual awakening come alive.” –Mark Schoofs


New York NY

future dates tba


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future dates tba

Bayer Conference Room

240 West 55th St, 4th floor

(between Broadway & 8th Ave.)

(above McGee’s)

Love offerings gratefully accepted

–all are welcome.

Mark will guide the group in

deepening meditation

for “Coming Unconditionally Alive”

and a Healing Circle for the group

–so feel free to bring your questions

& issues. And Mark will be sharing

tools & techniques for your ongoing

growth in spiritual self-care,

heightened awareness

& “Practical Soul Fitness.”




future dates tba

Bayer Conference Room

240 West 55th St, 4th floor

(between Broadway & 8th Ave.)

(above McGee’s)

suggested offering $50-$100

 If you want to deepen your ability to

tune in to the power of Spirit, to access

real insight & healing for yourself & others,

don’t miss this opportunity!

Mark will share from all he’s learned

to mentor & awaken you into authentic

spiritual energy healing skills.

The group will focus these skills on

clearing their personal space, healing

personal challenges, and managing their

energies more wisely. You will benefit deeply.

Participants will also be eligible for follow-up

mentoring circles with Mark

while he is in New York June 19-26


These healing workshops will guide you in awakening the soul, the sacred, true Self within you, and learning to manage your soul adventure, your human incarnation experience, from the heightened perspective of soul purpose, wisdom, peace & love.    Mark’s work is known for blending fresh insight with the authentic next steps of personal awakening, healing energy shifts, and consciousness thresholds that emerge naturally as group awareness tunes to the play of living truth. Participants will these events feeling spiritually invigorated! Feel free to bring healthy snacks to share.




Toward a New Paradigm

of Coming Unconditionally Alive

(scroll below for workshop highlights)

     WORKSHOP HIGHLIGHTS – Come explore your next steps in—

*Practical self-healing meditation skills.

*Grounding, centering, & presence–learning to own

your personal space.

*Sourcing power & energy blessing from the heavens & from the earth.

*Energy sensitivity, energy healing, & spiritual


 *Bonding your personal life journey to the passion

& love of the Sacred Feminine,

and to all the universal creative potentials of Spirit.

*Aura & chakra clearing, protection, & energetic integrity.

*Rejuvenating body-mind-soul: a New Paradigm of

coming unconditionally alive in the

sacred universal aliveness of the living Spirit.

 *The mind-body-Spirit connection: “Cell-ebrating” your sacred aliveness.

Soul Freedom, Sacred Aliveness

Soul awakening and planetary transformation are advancing hand in hand in our times, building a cogent new paradigm for evolving humanity, a paradigm of  coming unconditionally alive in the sacred, universal aliveness of the living Spirit. As we come alive in Spirit we awaken to our true spiritual resources and to the soul’s adventure of learning how to incarnate our spiritual gifts into our human lives with true maturity and soul awareness. This has never been more important, as the heightened times we live in demand unprecedented resourcefulness, healing, and creative power to birth the new paradigm successfully. Join national workshop leader, celebrated healer, and author Mark Schoofs for a deeply experiential exploration of the transformational energy events, thresholds, and outcomes on your journey of awakening.

  • We will explore how to balance the vertical dimension of our being (attunement to spiritual resources) with the horizontal (empowered, creative presence in the world of time, space and circumstance).
  • We will learn how to transcend conditioned mind and center in the living truth and unified intelligence of Spirit.
  • We will examine how to heal limited, conditional identity and the abc’s (agendas, beliefs, conditions) of ego.
  • We will develop practical self-healing meditation skills and learn to own our space as spiritual beings having a human adventure.
  • We will explore “heightened energy for heightened times” and how to meet the changing circumstances of our lives from the heightened perspective of soul compassion, wisdom and peace.
  • We will explore what it means to be a “spiritual activist” awakening the sacred in ourselves, in each other, and in our changing world.
  • We will learn tools for living in unconditional inner happiness, unconditional inner peace, and, most of all, unconditional love. When love is unconditional it can bond individual soul awareness, in a very real and practical way, to the universal evolutionary activity of Spirit—and learning to sustain this bond, consciously, optimizes our awakening.

Phone: 800-223-0393  *


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